Volunteer Reflections: Tom Schmidt

Below are the reflections of a volunteer, Tom Schmidt, after his recent trip to Haiti with Poured Out in July 2012:

Good afternoon. Just wanted to share with you some of the blessings of placing water filters in Haiti, follow up on installed filters and the added benefits of the solar water houses built by Poured-Out.

We placed 31 filters in a variety of places, some in communities that were the first to receive them, like Percin, a fishing village in Petite Goave. We followed up on several placed water filters and heard the praises of good health, not being sick since the filters were placed, and the desire to have filters placed in homes. We checked out and changed filters at 5 solar water houses built by Poured-Out and the benefits were amazing. These solar water houses have 3 filter systems, sock filter, woven string filter and ultra-violet ray application and serve hundreds and thousands of people in each location. Also, met with Leogane Rotary Club to work toward building a relationship with us in regards to clean water. One of their members has placed hundreds of sawyer water filters in homes but is interested in the solar water houses to impact even greater communities. We have some target areas where we would like to build some more solar water houses in conjuntion with the community leadership and churches.

Thank you for all you do to make a difference in giving clean water to the world, even one person at a time or many. They all matter. The need is so great in Haiti and especially in the remote areas.

Look forward to a continued conversation about the placement of filters and the solar water houses.


Tom Schmidt

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