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The Tributary

The Tributary is an international coalition of individuals and organizations whose goal is to provide Relief to all disaster victims in the U.S. & to end the Clean Water Crisis in Haiti!

Haitian Proverb:

Piti piti, zwazo fé nich li

“Piece by piece, a bird builds its nest”

Piece by piece – donation by donation – we’re building our nest. Your contribution, however big or small, is a vital piece of our nest.

The Tributary
Pours Into:

  • Disaster Relief Preparedness Fund
    • Allowing us to deploy our team quickly after a natural disaster strikes
  • Support for our Haitian Staff who execute:
    • BioFilter installations, education, and maintenance
    • Maintenance of our 19 existing WaterHouses
  • Support for our American Staff who:
    • Deploy to disaster sites
    • Manage new & existing Haiti Water projects
    • Handle all administrative tasks
  • Administrative Expenses & Program Supplies
    • Disaster Relief tools & machinery
    • Water Filters for communities and individuals
    • Insurance
    • Internet