Water Projects

785 million people across the world don’t have access to clean and safe drinking water.

Roughly 3 million Haitians lack access to an improved water source.

$15 can give clean drinking water to
1 person for life!

The Clean Water Crisis
in Haiti

For approximately 1/4 of Haiti’s population, clean water is not accessible, and contaminated water is a daily threat to health and well-being. A lack of source, materials, and education has lead to an epidemic of life threatening diarrheal disease. Water-based diseases take the lives of a devastating 4,000 children a day across the globe. So, what is to be done when water is life-threatening instead of life-giving?

Our Water Projects

Volunteer, Give, Love

Join a trip, sponsor a water project, or show your support for Poured Out's Haiti projects! We're working around the clock to expand our nest.

How We

Pour Out

We partner with local leaders to create real, sustainable impact. Strong, trusting relationships make our work possible.
Our solar-powered WaterHouse systems provide free clean water for entire communities every single day.
Bio-sand water filters provide life-long clean water to families in remote areas.