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In 2010, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake devastated Haiti’s capital city, Port au Prince, leaving hundreds of thousands of Haitians to find food, water, and shelter wherever possible. As our founders – Carlee Greene Adams & Steve Adams – rushed to assist in the relief process, they found themselves sick from drinking contaminated local water. Looking around, they recognized that foreigners and locals alike were suffering the same fate. Carlee and Steve knew, then, that their relief efforts were futile without access to life’s most basic resource: clean, nourishing water. In that moment, Poured Out was conceived to help resolve Haiti’s clean water crisis. After 10 years, we’re still here expanding our clean water & disaster relief footprint!


Comforting the Afflicted
Afflicting the Comfortable

Poured Out is a grassroots nonprofit organization that has been providing clean water solutions in Haiti and Disaster Relief in the US since 2010. Poured Out was founded with the intention to connect resources and people with hands-on skills to communities in-need. We work quietly and allow our projects to speak for themselves.

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