Marie’s Story

On our most recent trip to Haiti in March, we were able to install 12 new filters to families! One of those families was Marie’s!

Marie is a well spoken, smart, and kind woman. She greeted us warmly when we arrived and was in the middle of cooking some sauce made with tomatoes and spices for dipping! It reminded me of something like marinara sauce that we would dip breadsticks in!

Marie has 3 people in her family. One who attends school and missed almost a full year due to illness. No one is currently working in the home, so as many Haitians do, they rely on family and friends to help them.

Marie spoke highly of her community and talked about how she teaches a class for young teens on cooking! When we visited her home later in the week, we interrupted one of the classes! About 20 young people were gathered, learning about how to properly clean, cook, and season fish. She was also making rice, sauce, and vegetables!

On her property, Marie has a small home and lots of trees! She had about 20 or more small lemon trees ready to be planted along the side of her home. These may be part of her contribution to the community or a way for her to produce something to sell at the market. We were so impressed with her knowledge of growing and cooking food and her desire to teach others her wisdom.

After installing the filter, Marie was confident in the education she received about the filter. She answered all our questions correctly and said that she knows how important clean water is and that she will take care of her filter.

It is easy to see that she takes care of everything else she has so well. She is a dedicated mother and teacher and is extremely kind and good-humored.

To our donors, Marie says,

“I would like to say thank you. Thank you because you are thinking of us and because we get sick. You cannot buy health so thank you for helping us get clean water. “

Thank you!

Donating towards something that looks so simple, really makes a WORLD of difference to people like Marie. YOU make it possible for us to help Marie and others have access to clean drinking water! Thank YOU!

To donate towards clean water, you can send a check to Poured Out at P.O. Box 127 Willis, MI 48191 or donate online by following this link!