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  • A Tetanus shot is required to volunteer. If you are not currently up to date on your Tetanus vaccinations, you must be willing to get vaccinated before your trip or during your trip. Red Cross often offers free vaccinations on site!
  • Insurance OR a completed insurance waiver is required. If you do not have insurance, see the “Required Forms” section to download a waiver

Poured Out recognizes that each volunteer will assume their own risk in regards to which medications and vaccinations they get in preparation for their trip. While some volunteers take all preventative measures, others stick to the basics/required vaccines and medications. Talk to your physician about what’s right for you. 

  • Trip Cost is $25 per day
  • Trip Cost covers overnight lodging, breakfast, dinner, work coordination, liability insurance coverage
  • Lunch is not included in trip cost. Depending on the timeframe, there is often lunch served for free in the field, if not be prepared to purchase lunch at local fast food or restaurants
  • Travel costs (fuel, plane tickets) are not included. Volunteers are responsible to get themselves to and from deployment sites
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