Happy Mother’s Day!

Meet Rosita! Her family of 10 lives in Jog, Torbeck Haiti. On her initial interview, Rosita told us that there were 3 women working to support the home and they missed work due to illness. Three children were attending school. They were treating their water with bleach and reported having headaches frequently and in the last 2 weeks. She said they visited the hospital 5 times in the past year and spent $1,200 on medical expenses.

Rosita is an amazing mom. She wants what is best for children and her family.

When we followed up on her 9 months later she reported that they use the filter every day! They are no longer using bleach or spending money on water treatment. She reported NO symptoms in the past 2 weeks and had 0 hospital visits since the filter was installed! Her children are all still attending school.

And she says, “Thank you because you give money to buy the filter because cleaning water is very good for us and will protect us from getting sick!”  Happy Mothers Day!

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