780 Million

People Don’t have Access To Clean Drinking Water


3.4 Million

People Die Each Year From Water Related Disease



Can Provide Clean Drinking Water for 1 Person For Life.



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Hati Water Crisis

The Clean Water Crisis

For approximately 1/8th of the world’s population, contaminated water is a daily threat to health and well-being. A lack of source, materials, and education in many underdeveloped countries has lead to an epidemic of life threatening diarrheal disease. Water-based diseases take the lives of a devastating 4,000 children a day across the globe. So what is to be done when that which is supposed to be a life-source is instead life-threatening?

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Poured Out US Disaster Relief LogoUS Disaster Relief

In recent years the United States has seen a series of devastating natural disasters that have led to billions of dollars in damages. From Tornado’s in the Midwest, to hurricanes in the south, to the “Storm of the century, Super Storm Sandy” hundreds of thousands of people have seen the devastating impact of natural disasters. Poured Out is committed to aiding in the relief efforts following these natural disasters.

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Poured Out Volunteers

Non Profit Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering with Poured Out will undoubtedly be a rewarding experience and we encourage you to read more about the opportunities we currently have available. We’ve worked with individuals, church groups, and corporate partners and would love the opportunity grow our network of volunteers. You can find more info through the link below.

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 5013c Donations

Poured Out functions on donations from people like you, who are concerned with water safety around the world. A donation of $100 can provide safe, clean water for a family of up to 10 people for life! Remember, any donation is helpful, so whether you can give $5 or $5,000 know that you are helping a family in desperate need of good water. We appreciate your support!

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