October Haiti Trip Volunteer Reflections

Returning from a very successful (yet hard working) trip from Haiti late Saturday night, I wish to share a little excitement from our eight days in this poorest of all countries in the Western Hemisphere. We believe this trip was successful as we built a brand new Waterhouse plus water well in Fond Doux (in the Nippes region of Haiti). This Waterhouse now serves a large community that was hand carrying “questionably safe” water from far away numerous times each day via one to five gallon buckets. This community now has “clean/living” water, so this great new healthy water supply is free from cholera and other harmful bacteria. Woo hoo! We feel great to have had a hand in God’s plan in improving health, wealth and the prosperity in that area…

Adding to this, we also tweaked three other community wells plus Waterhouses while in the Nippes region that we deployed on our last trip in April of this year and installed many more Bio Sand Filtration units in homes within this region. This trip warranted an additional 2000+ gallons per day of healthy drinking water in this area.

Sharing a few pictures from this trip, each day created many fond memories. I feel honored to have once again returned to this remarkable country and gained more wisdom of their ways plus increased my compassion and love for the fine people of Haiti. From our initial night’s lodging within an orphanage in Port au Prince with 33 kids to working all over this Nippes region last week, we simply shared our talents, our work ethic plus love everywhere we traveled!

Darin R. Dillon, CPP


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