Poured Out Disaster Relief Truck

In The News: Poured Out Recognized for Sandy Relief

Today, wesleyan.org featured Poured Out, and several other groups for their efforts in Hurricane Sandy relief. The article also prominently features a video produced by Poured Out.

“Hurricane Sandy tragically plunged into the east coast on October 27, 2012, paralyzing residents in multiple states. Since that day several weeks ago, Wesleyans across North America have inquired every day as to how they can help. Many individuals, families, small groups, and churches have given financially through the Wesleyan Emergency Care Fund. Donations are still needed and are being accepted. Various groups have also traveled to New York and New Jersey to serve alongside the hurting victims–and more help is still urgently needed. Others have donated food and needed items like winter coats, diapers, and blankets.”

Read the Full Article: https://www.wesleyan.org/doc/news/article/2204


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