Hurricane Sandy Distribution

Hurricane Sandy Relief Update: Inner City Distribution

Rodney Dharry and Troy Young are twenty-something Wesleyans who have decided to leave their homes to help distribute much-needed goods to hundreds of people who have been affected by Hurricane Sandy. Troy drove from Michigan and Rodney decided to use his time off work (the building is flooded) to help truck and distribute donated goods to communities who were devastated by Hurricane Sandy.

Rodney describes coming into the town, “We passed by the Manor, which has elderly people, single mothers, children, and disabled people. They were in need of food, baby supplies, blankets, and warm clothes. We gave them all the blankets, food, and water we had on our trucks to distribute to the population there. The manager of the building was very thankful to us and said the goods were going to be extremely helpful in the Manor. We are going back again tomorrow to drop off more baby goods and food!”

The duo went to Far Rockaway, which is just past the Cross Bay Bridge in an area that was completely covered in water when Sandy Hit. While searching for locations for distribution, the Poured Out volunteers came across several areas of great need.

While driving along after the manner Troy and Rodney came across two teenage girls standing next to a table and some goods. When the volunteers asked what they were doing, the girls explained that they wanted to help make a difference in their community and were giving away anything they could find! Every day after school and all day on the weekends, these young ladies set up their booth in the neighborhoods and get to work. Inspired, Troy and Rodney gave the girls food, water, cleaning supplies, and other donations to help them continue to help their neighbors.

Continuing throughout Rockaway, the Poured Out volunteers found a temporary shelter camp, constructed just outside a local laundry mat. Here sleep several families whose houses are unsafe to stay in and who have nowhere else to turn. It wasn’t long after the truck’s back door opened up that the wary urban campers began to surround the vehicle, desperate and thankful for the donations inside.

“It was amazing to see,” Rodney comments, “they needed these things so badly, basic things, because they have lost everything to flooding and mold and winds. They were so excited and we got so excited and it made a huge difference in the neighborhood. We are going back again tomorrow!” Altogether over the course of 2 days, Poured Out volunteers Troy and Rodney have distributed 3 full truckloads of donated goods to 3 churches and 3 communities. Donations are needed to keep this great work going!

Visit our volunteer page for information on how to help Hurricane Sandy Relief!


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