Tuscaloosa Tornado Relief

Tuscaloosa, Alabama Tornado Relief

A summary of the Tuscaloosa Tornado Relief work done by the Poured Out:

Our shower trailer and our supply trailer were packed with essentials for those in need after the devastating tornadoes that hit the state of Alabama and other southern states by Steve, Loren and Levi Adams in Romulus. The shower trailer was prepared and packed by Chris Steinle and his team from New Baltimore. Our team was ready to hit the road! We traveled through the night to arrive in Tuscaloosa late Wednesday May 4th. The team rested up, and began the preparation of the shower trailer at the First Wesleyan Church of Tuscaloosa the next morning. Along with the preparation of the shower trailer, some of the team unpacked goods sent and donated from the hearts of people throughout Michigan! Some of the donations were personally given away to victims in need of a care package filled with soap, shampoo, tooth brush, toothpaste, towel and etc.

While in Tuscaloosa Poured Out was also able to provide assistance to the Newton Family which was an elderly family in the heart of the disaster. Our team provided the family with a case of clean water and care packages. The family couldn’t believe that our team was all the way from MI and had come to help there community so soon following the tornado. The two homeowners were raising a young grandson by the name of Hanson who was a large help in the effort of cleaning the yard, and it made the entire trip worth it too see his excitement because of the large trees that had fell in his sandbox were being cleared. After praying with the family, and a short little interview (insert video link) our team headed back to base camp to finish the finally touches on the shower trailer, so that we could clean our smelly selves.

The final day of our team played sneak attack and before we knew it we were planning our team back. But before we could head back.. The trailer containing blankets, care packages, female care products, baby formula, diapers, water and most important love from Detroit was headed to a city that was completely wipped out. The supplies within the trailer was distributed in Hackleburg, AL. Hackleburg was a city of roughly 2000 citizens that was completely leveled by the EF5 tornado. Every house within the city reported to be effected by the tornado. Our team was able to unload the supplies at the FEMA distribution center that was set up in the heart of the city. Current and future marines lended a helping hand in the effort of unloading the trailer, and were able to lead our team to the volunteering station set up on the other side of town. The volunteer help in Hackleburg was being organized by VOED; which from what our team could see was the most organized site they had been on. There were people of all skills, backgrounds, and cities there for the same purpose. After speaking with the volunteer coordinator about bringing teams to Hackleburg, she said “There has been an unbelievable amount of volunteers and help from surround cities in the county. It has been the largest collaboration of volunteers I have ever coordinated.” Our team was able to join in on the effort for a half of a day mostly running chainsaws, clearing debris, and assist homeowners searching for personal items before starting their journey back to MI.

Poured Out is sending a special team to Tuscaloosa, Alabama to help in relief and recovery efforts for those affected by the recent tornados that ravaged the Midwest.

The disaster relief nonprofit will bring a trailer full equipped with a shower system to Alabama. 450 care kits will be distributed to those in need.

In addition, the team will be helping volunteer teams in recovery efforts. Poured Out’s experience has equipped us with the ability to aid other teams that want to help in disaster situations. We will be sharing our experience, tools and best practices with partner teams in Alabama.

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When disaster strikes, Poured Out sends resources, volunteers, and experience to aid in relief efforts, but that’s only half of what we do. We’re confident that your skills can aid in the efforts of our organization. If you’re interested in volunteering in any way we’d love your help. Please visit the volunteer page for more info.
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Poured Out functions solely on donations from people like you, who are concerned with water safety around the world. A donation of $100 can provide safe, clean water for a family of up to 10 people for life! Remember, any donation is helpful, so whether you can give $5 or $5,000 know that you’re helping a family in desperate need of good water. We appreciate your support!
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We believe in remaining true to the DNA our nonprofit was built upon, with a focus on serving those who are in need above our personal comfort. Your love, support, and prayers can go a long way to helping us accomplish our goals, and we thank you for them.

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