Cookeville Tornado Deployment

We are home from our 2 week deployment in Cookeville! Thank you for all your support!

On the night of March 2, 2020, and into the morning of March 3, a series of large tornadoes touched down across middle Tennessee, including a tornado that impacted downtown Nashville and one confirmed touchdown in Western Tennessee between Bradford and Skullbone. 25 people have been confirmed dead, at least 150 are injured, and more than 70,000 people lost power in the storm. The path of the Nashville tornado was very similar to the one that hit East Nashville in 1998.

Poured Out headed home Thursday March 19th after spending two weeks at Double Springs Church of Christ in Cookeville serving out in the field! We served 21 homeowners and donated a total of $42,496 of FREE services!

We are so grateful for our time in Cookeville and for getting to work with so many amazing people. Huge shout outs go to our host church, to United Rentals for a quick delivery and a free day of machine work, to Matt and Kevin heading up the Putnam county efforts, and to the support of so many donors and volunteers!

If you would like to give towards future USDR deployments you still can! (click here to donate!) We thank you so much for your support of Poured Out!

In regards to COVID-19, we are praying for health and safety for all volunteers in Tennessee serving. There are large numbers of volunteers still in the area and the state is taking all necessary precautions. This could mean longer recovery time for the area.

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