Louisiana Flooding

Louisiana Flooding


We deployed twice to Louisiana to help with flooding in two different locations.

Houghton, Louisiana:

17 Homeowners served

$67,053 Total service value

2025 volunteer hours

French Settlement, Louisiana:

10 Homeowners served

$35,749 Total service value

816 volunteer hours

Several homes had extensive damage

We deployed several times throughout 2016 to different areas of Louisiana to help assist flood victims. We were able to do short “bursts” of relief effort and dried, mucked out, and trained homeowners in proper mold remediation and drying after the flooding affected the community.

With a damage scope comparable to that of Hurricane Katrina, tens of thousands of homes were flooded -many beyond repair. Large areas of low income housing and elderly homeowners were left with few options in regards to clean up, muck out, drying, and demolition.

Poured Out aided in sorting and removing personal items in many homes, assessing damage and working beside homeowners to assess damage and next steps. Homes were gutted completely, including debris removal, floor and wallboard tear out, sheet rock removal, and any other necessary clean up. Debris was loaded by the trailer-full from many homes of those who did not have the physical capacity to do so independently and transported to the curb for pickup. Mold remediation was conducted at many homes, including dehumidifying, structural drying, and Moldex spray. Homes that were deemed condemned were demolished and dragged to the curb for pickup by Poured Out machines, to no cost of the homeowners.

Mucking out homes that were damaged by water

Check out this article written by the Wesleyan denomination during our deployment to Louisiana to see what kind of help was done for flooding victims.