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Kansas/Oklahoma Tornado Relief- Latest Update

After a few weeks of intense work and the help of the Baxter Springs community, Joplin city, and some volunteers, we were able to complete all of the work we set out to do! Of the 75 homes that were destroyed in the recent tornadoes, Poured Out had the opportunity to demolish and clean up nearly half of those deemed unlivable or condemned. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve in Kansas, and grateful for your willingness to come along! At this point, Poured Out has no further work at this location. We want to encourage you to keep an eye on our Facebook Page as well as our Website throughout the upcoming months, as storm season has only just begun.


Poured Out is Issuing The $1,000 Homeowner Challenge!

Sometimes storms considered to be “smaller” don’t get much media coverage, and this is certainly the case for the people of Baxter Springs and Quapaw. The lack of awareness, however doesn’t make the destruction and need any less real. Today, we need help from individuals, organizations, churches, and anyone who feels called to answer the needs of these storm victims! Renting an excavator and fueling three machines a day, it costs about $1,000 to help give one family a new beginning. With that $1,000, machinery will be running, volunteers will be raking and cleaning, and uninsured victims of this storm will have clear lots and a new start.



Check Out Paul Pott’s Story. He is one of the many homeowners who need help from people like you!


Donations and contributions to the $1,000 Homeowner Challenge can be made online

by clicking HERE to aid the relief efforts.

All contributions are tax-deductible. 




Stay tuned on our website and Facebook Page for daily updates on our work!


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A National Weather Service meteorologist says the tornado that destroyed more than 100 homes and businesses and hurt 25 people in Baxter Springs, Kan., dropped so quickly that sirens were activated only a minute or two before the twister hit.

Meteorologist Bill Davis in Springfield, Mo., says the same thing happened in Quapaw, Okla., where at least one person was killed late Sunday afternoon. Davis called it a worst-case scenario in which a tornado forms right in a populated area. He says the E-F2 tornado that hit Baxter Springs spun up so fast that the weather service had barely gotten a tornado warning out when it struck.

Less than two hours before the tornado hit Arkansas, a twister hit the small town of Quapaw in Oklahoma, killing at least one person. Ottawa County Emergency Management director Joe Dan Morgan said Quapaw, which has a population of about 900, was badly damaged by the tornado.

For Additional Information, Call Our US Disaster Response Hotline at

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For an example of the work we do please visit our page and watch the video following the tornado in Moore, Oklahoma earlier in 2013.

For updates check out the Poured Out blog or Poured Out’s Facebook Page

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