Joplin Tornado Relief

Joplin, Missouri Tornado Relief

[one_half][portfolio_slideshow size=medium][/one_half] [one_half_last] On May 22nd, 2011 a EF5 Multi-Vortex tornado struck Joplin, MO.  The Joplin Tornado killed 158 people and injured an estimated 1,100 while doing approximately $2.8 Billion in damage making it the deadliest Tornado since 1947. Where the tornado touched down it destroyed everything in it’s path leaving only large piles of rubble behind. Poured Out dispatched the US disaster response team to aid in the relief efforts. There is a constant need for disaster relief volunteers and donations. Please visit our get involved page to find out more info on disaster relief volunteering or our donate page to give a disaster relief donation.



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When disaster strikes, Poured Out sends resources, volunteers, and experience to aid in relief efforts, but that’s only half of what we do. We’re confident that your skills can aid in the efforts of our organization. If you’re interested in volunteering in any way we’d love your help. Please visit the volunteer page for more info.
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Poured Out functions solely on donations from people like you, who are concerned with water safety around the world. A donation of $100 can provide safe, clean water for a family of up to 10 people for life! Remember, any donation is helpful, so whether you can give $5 or $5,000 know that you’re helping a family in desperate need of good water. We appreciate your support!
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We believe in remaining true to the DNA our nonprofit was built upon, with a focus on serving those who are in need above our personal comfort. Your love, support, and prayers can go a long way to helping us accomplish our goals, and we thank you for them.

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