Hurricane Irma, Alva, Florida

Hurricane Irma, Alva, Florida


65 Homeowners served

$230,582 Total service value

6,489 volunteer hours

Before and after of debris clearing

A story about a homeowner we served:

Doris and Mark Jenkins, who are in their late 70s, have attended the Wesleyan Church most of their lives. They stayed at home during the hurricane because Mark is very sick and having chemo treatments. After waking up Monday morning, they realized their entire property was filled with 20+ trees that had fallen. Their roof had been torn open. Mark and Doris realized they now had yet another battle to face. The Jenkins’ were the first work order Pastor Kevin (of Countryside Wesleyan Church) submitted to us as a priority, as the couple could not even leave their driveway for medical supplies and basic needs. After 2 full days of working with volunteers from Michigan, Florida, and local churches, the yard was finally cleared. A debris pile of logs, branches, and trees, running 80 feet long and stacked as high as the machines could reach now lines the street, ready for pickup. The team celebrated this victory with Doris, as our final day working there was her birthday! As we sang ‘Happy Birthday” to Doris with her pastor and husband, in their home, she said with tears streaming down her eyes that she never imagined that her birthday this year would be celebrated with a house full of people all giving her the gift of servant-hood, love, and new friendship. As we reflect back on those moments, it never ceases to amaze me how God uses his people to restore those with broken hearts and reminds all of us that He is still in the business of changing lives and bringing hope.

Moving donations for distribution day

Clearing debris from the church

Distribution day:

Just a week ago Countryside Wesleyan Church’s property was so covered in trees from Irma that you couldn’t even pull down the driveway. Today our new friend Richard, from Stallings Farms Trucking, brought a semi full of donations sent by Bagley Swamp Wesleyan Church in North Carolina, and filled the church with supplies and hope! We unloaded it late into the night, food, water, diapers, cleaning supplies, and more! The distribution by the students from the Alva School National Honors Society (as young as middle school) was a great success too! They gathered to help with coordination and distribution and served over 200 families in the area.

Homeowner thank you

Repairing roofs
Volunteers hard at work!