2018 Year End Summary

Thank you so much for your continued support of Poured Out! We could not do what we do without volunteers, donors, and supporters like you! This year was a great year for Poured Out and we are excited about big things in 2019!

               On the Haiti front, we installed over 150 water filters in Tiverny and the surrounding areas. We took several volunteer trips early in the year and throughout the summer. With a volunteer group we also installed a water house in 2 schools in Torbeck! This is an amazing accomplishment because it means that you have provided approximately 15,000 gallons of clean water a day!

               We are looking forward to a big year of water filter installations in 2019. There has been some civil unrest in Port Au Prince (the capitol of Haiti) that has caused us to not be able to travel as much as we would have liked towards the end of the year. We are hopeful for some peace and resolutions and we have a leader trip scheduled this month to begin our preparation for this year in Haiti! We are working on developing our follow up schedule to include more education for the families, more frequently and are blessed with several Haitian staff members who are working throughout the year to continue sustainability for the filters!

               On the disaster relief front, we sent a small team to Panama City Florida for Hurricane Michael relief this year. We were able to donate $50,000 worth of free labor and machinery use to the area. We partnered with Catalyst Church and did some training for the upcoming months of recovery that they will be helping their community with. We also partnered with Restoration Ministries out of Nebraska who helped to accomplish some projects with larger machinery like removing trees off of homes. We are always so thankful for our partners!

               We have had some exciting developments on our social media/publicity front as well. We can now receive donations through Facebook and have already been the recipient of a fundraiser for someone’s birthday. We also have the opportunity to receive donations through smile.amazon.com, igive.com, and goodshop.com. We are in the process of looking for some funding for a new vehicle in Haiti and supporters for disaster relief! We are thankful for so many opportunities!

               On a personal update, the Poured Out family welcomed Isaiah Adams into the world! Carlee and Levi are so excited for the arrival of their little one!

               We thank you for your continued support of all that we do whether in Haiti or domestically and look forward to your partnership in 2019! Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, ideas, comments, concerns, or updates! We love hearing from you! Info@poured-out.org

Love, The Poured Out Crew