Meet Our Team

Our Founders

President & International Director

Carlee Greene Adams

With a BA in Psychology, Carlee’s love for unreached communities started as a young girl. Starting in her early teens, Carlee assisted with construction-based disaster relief in South Dakota, Beaver, Kentucky, and New Orleans, Louisiana. Throughout college, Carlee was a volunteer construction worker in both Michigan and Florida for Habitat for Humanity. After college, Carlee traveled to Pupuke, New Zealand to live on a Maori Marae and build homes for several families. Carlee’s passion for water purification began on her first trip to Haiti, where the level of contamination in the water was a prominent threat. Carlee co-founded Poured Out at the age of 23, and became a full-time missionary at 25.

Director of US Disaster Response

Steve Adams

An Ordained Pastor and certified Disaster Relief Coordinator, Steve has kept busy with urgent aid for over two decades. Steve has a passion for putting his construction and engineering skills to work in communities that need it most. Steve is deeply convicted that people and resources need to be connected to those who have lost everything after a storm happens. Steve’s passion for water purification began when doing relief work in Haiti and he witnessed first hand the reality of children dying of water borne disease, sweeping through whole communities where technology of our day could help bring long-term solutions. Steve stepped down from his position as a pastor to become a full-time missionary in January of 2012 and now serves as the Director of US Disaster Response.

Our Board of Directors

Carlee Greene Adams
10 years after founding Poured Out, Carlee's passion for bringing clean water and disaster relief to afflicted communities is evident through her continued service!
Sara Bannon
As a Nurse, Fundraising Savant, and ultimate Task-Master, Sara touches every aspect of our operations. Her diverse skillset drives Poured Out forward daily!
Chris Steinle
A Pastor, Missionary, and hands-on Virtuoso - Chris's heart for service infects all aspects of Poured Out's operations. He's truly one-of-a-kind!
Conner Williams
A recent graduate of Michigan State, Conner brings 5 years of Clean Water Delivery expertise and Disaster Relief support to the Poured Out team.
Steve Adams
Vice President
As a Founder of Poured Out, Pastor, Water Systems Engineer, and Disaster Relief guru, Steve does it all! His wisdom has shepherded Poured Out for a decade.
Levi Adams
A Poured Out native, Levi provides a decade of Disaster Relief, Water Systems Engineering, and Management expertise to our growing team!
Kent Butterfield
Kent, and his wife Dana, have seen it all! As true Disaster Relief luminaries, their hands-on support with all matters Poured Out is irreplaceable.

Our American Staff

Conner Williams

International Director

Sara Bannon

Director of Development

Carlee Greene Adams

Director of Finance

Our Haitian Staff


Lead Driver

Chelo Messeroux

Water Technician

Venel Dona

Water Technician

Junnot Forestal

Water Technician