Poured Out has returned from both Alva, Florida (Hurricane Irma Relief) and Port Arthur, Texas (Hurricane Harvey Relief) and is currently back at our headquarters in Michigan. We are working on repairing and preparing our equipment for the next storm, as well as fundraising!


We are keeping an eye on the Hurricane Florence situation and will update with more deployment information when available. Feel free to email us at USDR@poured-out.org if you are interested in volunteering for a potential deployment response! 




Keep an eye on our Facebook Page as well as our website for updates as storm season once again begins.

Call our US Disaster Response Hotline at               (707) 278-USDR       (707) 278-8737

Check Out our Past Deployments

Contact us about Poured Out’s Disaster Response Preparedness Training, or to have us speak at your church, school, work, or community center!   USDR@poured-out.org