Large Scale Solutions

Solar Water Houses were created to be a dependable, cost efficient, self-sustaining, easily transported, and highly effective water purification unit for communities needing clean drinking water in Haiti. Our unit was created to be self sustaining from experiences of seeing other water filtration units fail from lack of an operator. When the sun rises the solar panels receive the suns rays and initiate the pump, a timer turns on the ultraviolet light system 20 minutes before the sun rises. The pump sends water through the filtration system until the storage tanks are filled. Once the storage tanks are filled the system and pump automatically shuts down. This system decreases equipment fatigue and water wastefulness. As a small organization we wanted to develop the most cost efficient filtration system with the highest quality components. The maintenance for a unit is only 75 dollars a year which is built into the initial cost of installing a UV unit. All of the filtration maintenance is done by Poured Out’ staff to insure proper care. Water houses gained their name from the concept of building a 12ft by 12ft concrete building with a roof around of water filtration unit. The idea behind building a structure around the filtration unit was to insure dependability and security. The building structure is built by the volunteers that raised the money to bring clean water to a community. All of the components within a water house or used to build the structure are either transported through an airplane and are TSA approved or bought locally at hardware stores and concrete plants. We designed this unit to be brought anywhere in the world to provide clean drinking water. The ultraviolet water purification unit is highly effective by filtering water through a five stage filtration process. Stage one is a 5 micron polypropylene bag filter, stage two is a 10 micron polypropylene filter cartridge, stage three is a carbon block filter cartridge, and the fourth stage is the ultraviolet light purification system. The last stage of the filtration process is chlorination, for storage purposes we use a chemical injector to inject a fixed rate of chlorine into the water. All ten of our current water houses are making between 800-1200 gallons per day, completely maintained and have a responsible trained Haitian overseeing the filtration unit. 

How Does It Work?

Watch as Steve Adams, Co-Founder of Poured Out, explains how the Solar UV Purification Unit is created. This is one of many water purification systems Poured Out utilizes to bring relief in disaster-stricken areas.

Creating Microbusiness

Check Out how the principal of Croix Hilaire Elementary School turned his Solar UV Unit into a microbusiness to help pay teachers, purchase books, and sponsor children in the local villages to attend school!

Self standing: This unit doesn’t need power from any other source and is fully self operating with built in timers for the pump and UV. Which means that water is made in cycles during the day and if usage is down, our in tank relay communicates to the pump and UV not to run. This decreases equipment fatigue and water wastefulness.

Easily transportable: Our unit can be brought into any country with our team in two separate plastic transport cases. This allows for the water team to have no worry in the logistics which is important to successful installs in a developing country. All items pass TSA requirements for commercial flights.

Low cost maintenance: These units require filter changes and UV bulb replacement every year for around $150. Solar equipment is rated for 10years and battery life is usually 1-2 years depending on the application. In some settings it may require Chlorine tablets added and test preformed where optional unit is being used with the UV system.

High Quality: The components that make this unit work are the best in the market.We feel that when lives depend on clean water only the best and proven equipment will do. Our units have the potential to make clean water for ten years without failure, if maintenance is done by a trained poured out volunteer or in country technician.

Sustainability and Micro Business: This unit has the ability to generate income for a school or a church and help them start a water business. Not only will the unit bring good water to a school and it’s students , but could help the school grow and have the needed income to purchase books and pay teachers.