Simple and Sustainable

One simple filter. The HydrAid® BioSand Water Filter reduces the leading causes of death and disease in the developing world.

It removes parasites, bacteria, and viruses from contaminated water making it safer to drink. It’s the first point-of-use technology of its kind that is designed to deliver safe water for a family with the expected life of more than 10 years.

We know that water wells can often get contaminated, which is why a filter of this kind is needed. And we know that other filters just aren’t sustainable or lack the capacity to meet daily family needs. HydrAid® is the filter that is proven to deliver safe water in the home at point-of-use.

For a donation of only $130, you can provide safe drinking water for a family of 8-10 for 10 years! With your donation, Poured Out can deliver and install the filter for a family as well as provide the education necessary to maintain and use it!

How Does it Work?

The Biosand Water Filter uses natural, organic processes to turn bacteria-filled and potentially deadly water into safe, drinkable water. The water is first poured through the defuser basin, which slows the water down as it falls into the sand where the filtration process begins.

There are four filtration processes that work together in this unit. Together, they remove contaminating organic material, worms, bacteria, protazoa, and viruses.

1.   The first process takes place in the Biological layer. As water flows down through the top 2cm of sand, caught organic materials accumulate over time. These organisms the form a food chain that eats and kills disease-causing parasites and viruses in the contaminated water.

2.   The second process, Mechanical Trapping, occurs when organisms become trapped in the fine sand as the water continues to flow down through the filter.

3.   The fine grains of sand hold a static charge, causing organisms to stick to the sand rather than continue through the filter. This process is called Adsorption.

4.   The fourth process is called Natural Death. As the water travels down the sand, there is no light or food for the disease-causing organisms; as a result, they naturally die off.

When the water reaches the bottom of the filter, pressure from the water above it causes it to flow up the pipe and out the spout. Virtually all of the contaminants that made the water unhealthy have died off by the end of these processes. The water is now safe to drink!