The Clean Water Crisis In Haiti

Hati Clean Water Crisis

Access to Clean Water

For approximately 1/8th of the world’s population, clean water is not accessible and contaminated water is a daily threat to health and well-being.  A lack of source, materials, and education in many underdeveloped countries has lead to an epidemic of life threatening diarrheal disease. Water-based diseases take the lives of a devastating 4,000 children a day across the globe. So what is to be done when that which is supposed to be a life-source is instead life-threatening?

Poured Out’s Work

Poured Out seeks to service families, individuals, and communities who face the challenge of finding access to clean water on a daily basis. We do that primarily with the Hydraid Bio-Filter. These filters are installed primarily in residential homes and provide clean water to an entire family for a lifetime.

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Poured Out partners with families to provide education about the filter as well as water safety and sanitation. We want every person not only to have a source of clean water, but a way to be educated and improve their own health.

We started working in Haiti in 2010 after the massive 7.0 earthquake struck Haiti. The epicenter was located 15 miles south west of Port-Au-Prince (the capital). Since then, Poured Out has been working hard with our Haitian partners to provide clean water. We work directly with community leaders and Haitian families to ensure that those who are in need of a filter, receive one and have the right that every human deserves–Clean Water.

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Join a Poured Out Haiti Trip!

Poured Out hosts both individual and groups of volunteers and we would love to have you be a part of our team! Install filters for families, teach English at a local school, learn to cook a Haitian meal from one of the women in our village, join in a community soccer game, and enjoy the beautiful people and scenery of Haiti!

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The Biosand Water Filter

Poured Out installs two types of systems to fit the needs of those we serve. Our Hydraid Biofilters are point of use systems that turn bucket retrieved contaminated water to safe, clean water -right in a family’s home! With 60% bacterial elimination immediately, and 98% after the first two weeks of use, these are efficient and convenient ways for families to access clean water! Learn more about how these filters work!

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Poured Out Waterhouses

Our Waterhouses are solar powered and therefore require no electricity (a scarcity in Haiti). These high output systems can filter up to 1,000 gallons each day! The systems provide clean water for schools, orphanages, medical clinics, and community centers. Volunteers and Haitian masons team up to build these structures and install the filtration equipment and storage tanks safely inside.

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Support Our Work!

For just $170 you could provide clean water for a family for 10+ years! All donations are tax-deductible and are allocated directly to our clean water projects in Haiti. Whether it’s $5 or $5,000 you have to give, every penny helps! We thank you for your support!