What’s Going On?

We are currently responding to the recent 7.2 earthquake and subsequent tropical storm that have hit Haiti. The epicenter of the earthquake was just north of our base village. Our response is according to immediate and longterm need, and is multidimensional. We will be providing support to our village’s medical clinic for triage, providing temporary shelters, ensuring clean water access, and rebuilding homes in the village of Tiverny.

How Can You Help?

We are accepting donations to support in any of the below fields. Click on the donation buttons to give through Paypal (with your account or credit/debit card) towards any of our branches of earthquake response! Or you can always send us a check with your support category in the memo to the below address.

Medical Clinic Response

Within our village lies the Tiverny Medical Clinic, where our partner Dr Stephan Odenat has been tirelessly triaging those injured from our village as well as surrounding areas. We will be supporting purchasing local medical supplies and overworked overtime staffing. Any amount given is helpful!

Temporary Shelter Response

Countless people have been displaced from their homes as a result of the earthquake, and the need for immediate temporary shelter is urgent. We will be bringing tents to Tiverny so the people of the village are able to have some form of relief from the weather and elements overnight while plans and funding for rebuilding are established. The cost to sponsor a tent is $75

Clean Water Response

We are currently assessing damage to our large-scale community water filtration systems, and will be making any repairs necessary to these Waterhouses throughout the area. We will also be replacing Biofilters (our in-home filtration units) that have been damaged during the earthquake. A Biofilter replacement is $170, and Waterhouse costs will range, so any amount given is helpful!

Rebuilding Response

As we have experienced through our US Disaster Response Division as well as our rebuilding work following Hurricane Matthew in Haiti, the process of getting people safely back into a home is a long one. After a natural disaster of this magnitude, homes need anything from a wall replacement to a new roof to a complete new build. As we have done in the past, we will work with our local Haitian construction team to make a significant impact in our village, and ensure that people are able to gradually have long-term shelter. A home repair/rebuild can cost anywhere from $500 to $10,000 depending on the extent of the damage, and our work in this area will depend entirely on what is raised, so any amount given helps!